The Vision of The Munich Innovation Ecosystem

During the strategy process in 2019, one working group focussed on creating a shared Vision for the Munich Innovation Ecosystem. Up to 12 partners from the public sector, the industry sector and the startup scene came together to create a vision for Munich’s innovation landscape.

Alongside the formulation of a shared vision, the partners also addressed Mission Items that should be fulfilled by The Munich Innovation Ecosystem to implement the vision.

Mission Items included:

the scouting and promotion of international talents, tech founders and start-ups, international networking and joint programmes with international ecosystems, an interactive community platform, spaces that promote interaction, topic-specific pilot projects involving the relevant stakeholders, and social impact.


The shared Vision of The Munich Innovation Ecosystem:

Munich’s innovative, open-minded, and diverse community brings together international young talents, startups, and established companies to co-create scalable innovation striving towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

This unique blend of academia, industry, startups, government, science and society offers a unique high-tech based ecosystem in one of the most livable cities in the world.

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Katja Werner