MUST – The Munich Innovation Ecosystem Dialogue

The 3rd “MUST – The Munich Innovation Ecosystem Dialogue” took place on September 28, 2021. Around 30 attendees from the public side, industry, academia, and start-up & ecosystem scene came together to focus on developing a unique marketing strategy for the Munich Innovation Ecosystem.

The third MUST Dialogue started with a recap of the strategy process which was held by MUC SUMMIT in 2019 presented by our CEO Matthias Notz. Therefore, we organized and orchestrated three workshops with around 45 C-level participants from government, industry, academia and start-ups to define goals to push the development of Munich’s entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem forward. Among others, we created a shared vision, designed a Munich Pitch Deck and promoted the innovation network nationally and internationally. More information on the strategy process can be found under: To ensure the continuous development of the Munich Innovation Ecosystem, our partner network met again virtually to address the following questions: Which 10 keywords would you use to describe the Munich Innovation Ecosystem? What could a possible claim for the Munich Innovation Ecosystem look like? Which target group(s) should be reached? Which projects / measures can we implement together? Which further stakeholders need to be involved in a marketing strategy?

While the participants had time to prepare for these questions before the MUST Dialog, current examples from the City of Munich and Messe München were presented during the event to provide a brighter overview and lead to a joint brainstorming session.

During the brainstorming session all participants had the opportunity to add their ideas with digital sticky notes. Initial results showed how diverse Munich is seen – from creative, innovative, liveable to entrepreneurial and sustainable. Based on these keywords first drafts of a claim for the Munich Innovation Ecosystem were created. One of the most important factors for the successful implementation of a marketing strategy is the focus on a clearly defined target group and the involvement of all relevant stakeholders.

If you’re interested in further information on the results, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Within our digital platform, we will continue to work on the common story for the Munich Innovation Ecosystem and the implementation of joint projects. In addition, further workshops are planned to implement the goals.

If you would like to learn more about what makes Munich a growing hotspot for innovation and entrepreneurship, please also read our recently published white paper:

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