Corporate Startup Programs in Munich

15 opportunities for startups to engage with established companies in Munich.

It is well known that Munich is a leading tech-hub in Germany, which hosts the headquarters and strategic locations of many multinationals and DAX companies. What might be less known is that Munich’s startup and entrepreneurship scene is thriving with around 1,300 startups currently registered in the greater Munich area. The proximity to leading established companies makes Munich especially attractive for startups that seek to scale by collaborating with corporates. Simultaneously, established companies have discovered the potential of collaboration with startups, and many programs have sprung up over the last few years to foster this engagement.

In collaboration with UnternehmerTUM, MUST – The Munich Innovation Ecosystem have set out to create an overview of what these programs offer and what sets them apart. We have compiled information about 15 corporate startup programs in Munich. These are mostly accelerator and Venture Client models, and all offer engagement with one or more corporate partners throughout the course of the program. Most programs focus on specific topics around the core business of the corporate partners. From beverages to insurance to space – the programs are as diverse as the corporate landscape in Munich.


Most programs are run for around 12 weeks, while some offer their services for up to 24 months. The time that founders need to commit to the program varies strongly. It is noteworthy that, contrary to most US-models, programs don‘t take equity from the startups. We see a trend towards remote programs, which has been propelled strongly forward by the Corona crisis. It remains to be seen whether and to what extent programs will return to in-residence options.


All programs offer mentoring or trainings to the startups, often leveraging the respective corporate‘s employees and executives to pass on their experience and knowledge. Other founders and investors are frequently included as mentors for the startups. Another element that is common to all programs is that they provide network access. This access can be to key decision makers in the corporate partner organizations, or general to the relevant industry or the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Some programs offer project budget – this can either be a fixed amout or take the form of a paid pilot project. Almost all programs offer the participating startups office space in Munich.


A key element of the programs is engagement with the corporate partners. This can take various forms: introduction to key decision makers, mentoring or training by executives or employees, access to corporate assets (such as technology or sales channels), co-creation sessions, or pilot projects (which can be guaranteed or optional).
The following document gives an overview of 15 corporate startup programs in Munich. If you have feedback or are aware of programs that are not included, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Corporate startup programs in Munich (PDF)

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