AI+MUNICH has received 5.9 million euros from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action to promote artificial intelligence (AI) startups in the greater Munich area. With MUC SUMMIT GmbH as project lead, the partners TUM Venture Labs, UnternehmerTUM, Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship gGmbH and the Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences with Muc Dai, have developed an AI startup process to establish Munich as a beacon for AI startups.

MUC SUMMIT GmbH has launched a new collaboration for the AI+MUNICH model project to promote innovation for responsible startup ideas with the use of artificial intelligence. Project partners are the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, the Munich Center for Digital Sciences and Artificial Intelligence at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, UnternehmerTUM and the TUM Venture Labs “Robotics/AI” and “Software/AI.”

The goal of the project is to promote an AI ecosystem in the greater Munich area with MUC SUMMIT GmbH as an ecosystem integrator in MUST – the Munich Innovation Ecosystem –and through a collaboration with the project participants. This is embedded in the multi-faceted entrepreneurship activities at the innovation hub which is Munich.

The project also aims to develop and scale startup ideas as well as to increase the research transfer of students and postgraduates interested in setting up a company in the area of deep tech. The project partners’ offering will help AI to be shaped and understood as a technology that creates a positive impact by using it to develop business models that contribute to transformations on a systemic level.

AI+MUNICH is a project of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWi) and of the EXIST funding program. The ministry announced midyear that it would promote startups in the field of AI in order to support “not only concrete startup enterprises, but above all the networking of universities and research institutions with existing AI companies and the business world at large in selected regions.”

This is precisely the project that MUC SUMMIT GmbH is now implementing together with its project partners as part of AI+MUNICH. For this purpose, educational formats on relevant topics related to the use of AI are being developed and made widely accessible. In the participating universities, suitable teaching and accelerator formats will also be used to scout out people interested in founding a company. Finally, selected startup projects will be accompanied by deep-tech experts in a sprint process and supported in their development with the goal of getting the ideas ready for possible collaborations with cross-sectorial partners from the industry field, the public sector, academia and other institutions.

The project is also embedded in a growing online and offline community of cross-sectorial partners from MUST- The Munich Innovation Ecosystem. These partners are involved in exchange and co-creative collaboration with the AI projects in selected formats and are thus jointly shaping the responsible use of AI technology for the long term while also driving it at the Munich location.

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